Motivate Your Employees in 7 Easy Steps.

All owners and managers want to have motivated and dedicated staff, and will usually look to external measures, such as increased pay to achieve this. More often than not, this has very little impact of staff motivation, and motivation is derived from within. As a manager, or owner of a business, dealing with human resources, you must ignite the flame that already burns internally. Simply by acknowledging and cultivating the motivation employees already have, you can make a big impact.

Here are 7 easy steps to help achieve maximum staff motivation and productivity.

1. Be approachable. 
Be sure to regularly check in with your employees to see where they are at. This will reinforce that you are available to listen to them. This will also build a relationship of trust and a sense of importance for the individual, encouraging them to work harder. It will also make them feel like they can come forward with questions, news (good and bad) and seek help when needed.

2. Keep employees informed. 
An easy way to motivate employees is to keep them in the loop when it comes to events, goals to achieve and important organisational changes. In doing so, they will better understand their role in achieving these things and be eager to get involved as they feel valued by management.

3. Recognise staff efforts. 
You must always remember that people like to be acknowledged for their accomplishments. It is the same in the workplace, small tributes to hard working employees can go a long way and will prevent lose of motivation or “burning out”. You should always look for ways to ensure you give your employees positive feedback.

4. Set an example – be a leader.
Show your employees what being a motivated employee looks lie. Set an example. If they see you staying late, going the extra mile for clients and arriving early, they will take notice of this and strive to do the same.

5. Provide relevant resources.
By provided needed resources, employees need like their managers are investing in them to help them improve in their career, and will also help make them more efficient. The employee will generally accomplish a lot more for the organisation when they have necessary resources to get the job done.

6. Conduct regular training.
Without training, employees lose their drive, as they are unable to accomplish tasks within their job. When this happens, staff tend to feel discouraged. This is why training is important, as it motivates employees to push harder. By regularly providing new training, you will also be ensuring your staff have extensive skills, and are more efficient. It also prevents staff from becoming bored.

7. Keep a good balance between work and fun – Lighten up.
There needs to be a balance between achieving goals, and having fun. Enjoying

the little things with employees makes them feel like their efforts are appreciated and valued. After all, you spend a lot of time with your work colleagues, so its nice to not be “all about work” all the time, and share a laugh.