Why you need a Physical Address for your home business.

Running a business from home can be a gamble. Sure, your overheads are much less because you aren’t paying for rental costs, electricity and other maintenance costs, but you also face a privacy dilemma. Yes, PO boxes are a feasible option or you may not even use a physical address if your business is predominately online. However, there are so many reasons why you should consider a physical address, even if you run a home or online business.

Professional Image:
Where you operation can have a big impact on clients perception of your business. A physical address and a professional working space will make your business appear polished and serious about making a lasting impression. Not only this, a home based business can be a deterrent for some customers as they are uncomfortable being exposed to your private life whilst being inside your home. By having a business that is disconnected from your private living space, you are encouraging clients to use your services.

Meeting Place for Clients:
You may find meeting clients at their workplace or in coffee shops works well for your business, and that is perfectly acceptable, but as your client base continues to expand,  you may find that it is time to set up your own meeting space. In most cases, this will allow you to minimise travel time and lower costs. This meeting space will again enhance your professional image.

Trust and Credibility:
By having a physical address you will be encouraging clients to trust your business’s credibility. You will also be able to present potential clients with a physical address with which they can contact you by. It will also prevent clients steering away from your business because you have no address, and eliminates fears that you may disappear with no record or be a sketchy business.

So what are your options with a limited budget?

There are plenty of options to consider, some may include: Virtual offices and serviced offices.

Bay and Beyond Business provide both virtual offices and serviced offices which can be catered to your business needs. Serviced offices are an affordable way to set up a professional working space for your business, without the financial impact of setting up your own space. There are many inclusions in your rental rate, making it an even more feasible option. As for virtual offices, you get a physical address which you can advertise to customers without having a physical office and will gain access to meeting room facilities so that you have a greeting place for clientele.

If you’re thinking you might need a physical address and are ready to take the next big step for your businesses growth, call the team at Bay and Beyond Business today and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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