If you haven’t considered a serviced office as part of your budget this year, we have some reasons why you should.

1. Immediate availability.

Serviced Offices take the hassle out of organising an office space. You don’t need to wait months to have your own office as serviced offices provide a fully-functional, professional work space for you and your team with minimal waiting time. Once you’ve booked your space, everything from office facilities to phone lines and internet will be ready to use immediately. Ensuring you can get to business faster.

2. Flexible Lease Terms:

When you agree to use a serviced office, you’ll enjoy a flexible short-term lease that works perfectly with your budget and level of operations. This means that you wont ever be tied down to one location or have to worry about limited space in the circumstance that your team growth exceeds expectations. The ability to do this is important, especially for small businesses.

In addition to physical space, office equipment such as printers, copies, meeting rooms, training rooms, phone lines and WIFI and even reception services will be available as you need them.

3. Complete Facilities:

As part of your serviced office agreement, you are provided with physical space and various other office equipment, but more importantly you are entering an environment that has established reception, client care and addition protocols. Letting you relax, as well as increasing your efficiency.

4. Prestigious Address:

Operating out of a serviced office provides you with a prestigious address that you can use as an official business location. This includes the ability to advertise your address and well as meet and greet clients in your new professional space. You can send and receive mail from serviced offices, cutting the hassle out of trips to the post office. You can also receive and manage phone calls through a dedicated receptionist which is provided at no charge to you as part of your agreement.

5. Dedicated Security and Support Staff.

In a serviced office, security, cleaning and other maintenance services are already included in your rental rate, meaning you can save time and money on these menial administration matters and get back to business. Your business centre has it covered.

You can also outsource all other functions such as reception and secretarial support so that you can focus on running your company.

Here at Bay and Beyond Business, we are confident that our facilities are designed for the betterment of our client’s business operations. Call us today to further discuss how a serviced office could change the way you do business in 2017.