Over time, business operations have evolved a lot. This is largely due to the introduction of the internet. As a result, many people choose to run their business from home via telecommuting. Previously, we have mentioned how important it is to have physical address, even if you work from home to maintain your professional image. Virtual and serviced offices are the perfect solution. Micro businesses as well as small to medium enterprise often consider virtual and serviced offices as the solution. This is due to their financial benefits as they promote and stimulate cash flow whilst simultaneously fitting your personal needs.

If you are only just considering a physical space, it can be difficult to determine whether a virtual or serviced office will be right for you.
We have made a lift of the benefits of each to help you decide which better suits your business needs, goals, and objectives.

The benefits of Virtual Offices:

1. There is no physical office to visit every day, but you will still be reassured knowing there is mail scanning, mail direction, phone answering and so on happening whilst you are away. Meaning your company stays efficient and professional.

2. Flexible lease terms – Great for short-term to medium term, or for those not sure what to expect from your business.

3. Advertisement of physical location across all your branding enhancing your professional image to clientele.

The benefits of Serviced Offices:

1. This is a physical office, leased to you by a serviced office provider, like Bay and Beyond Business Centre. This a space that functions like a real office. You can have employees, visitors and clientele as well as complimentary reception, whilst enjoying internet and other over heads covered in you low rental rate.

2. You can also enjoy the advantages of having a tangible office space without the outlay for office furniture, equipment, and a qualified staff.

3. You’ll also save a lot of time in terms of training and writing processes for staff – with a serviced office your mail/phone/visitors can be handled by someone already trained! This means your business will become more efficient.

4. You don’t need to invest in property or traditional office space (e.g. long and rigid commercial rental leases) – ramp your cash flow up before you start signing up for big and expensive contracts.
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