DISC Advanced

    • Disc Advanced is a psychometric instrument that is about achieving real outcomes in the workplace.
    • Disc Advanced is an advanced and complete way to conduct behavioural assessments, to measure both the subconscious and the conscious. These tell you the normal and adjusted behaviour of employees.
    • They also provide action plans relating specifically to the persons behavioural style, which will help develop the individual and give you better understanding.

Most common applications for DISC ADVANCED®  profiles are:

      • Recruitment

      • Leadership Development
      • Organisational Development

      • Team Building

      • Communication and Interaction skills training

      • Sales Training

      • Internal Promotion Selection/Development

      • Succession Planning

      • Customer Service Training

      • Coaching

      • Conflict Resolution


The DISC ADVANCED® Profile’s main purpose, is to increase understanding of human behaviour; our own and others.

Unlike other “personality tests”, it is designed specifically for the workplace.

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